dallas-museum-of-artsThis museum is a high-level discovery of decorative art and fine arts. The visit includes the enigmatic Lighthouse Hill by Edward Hopper (1927) or The Sculptor and his Muse by Rodin. The Spanish colonial art section is extraordinary. Overall, the museum’s collection contains over 22,000 works of art spanning 5,000 years. Children (and parents) will enjoy the Young Learners Gallery, with fun projects for children

Texas Fire Department

A very special place to visit. To live, to know, to learn all about the universe of firefighters of Dallas, it is here that we must be. A friendly and warm welcome. For more information, visit the official website of the Dallas Fire Department.

Women’s Museum, Dallas

It is a museum dedicated to women and their history through the Great History of the United States. You will be able to discover the contributions of women in the economic, social and cultural life of the USA.
Museum of Biblical Art

This building has works designed for both temporary and permanent exhibitions. Numerous architectural works bathed in spiritual art are represented. This biblical arts center is considered a high place covering various disciplines related to art, whether for paintings or art collections.

City Hall, Dallas

Built in 1978, this building is used to house the municipal services of the City of Dallas. It is easily recognizable for its inverted pyramid shape on 7 floors. Each floor is 3 meters wider than the previous one. This place is worth a look for its unconventional architectural structure.

Dealey Plaza, exact location of the assassination of Kennedy

This place is today notorious because it was here that President JFK was assassinated in November 1963. For those who want to know more, the square is full of commemorative plaques on buildings and structures to provide further information Like the map of the route, the possible location of the killer, the exact location of the shooting, etc.

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dallas-skylineDallas? Immediately comes two images in my mind: the 1980s TV series with the cruel JR and Ewing Ranch and all that oil but also the date of November 22, 1963, the day when American President JFK was assassinated. But can we summarize the city of Dallas at this? Let’s look at the great centers of interest of a city that is constantly emancipating itself and growing over the decades.
Bank of America Plaza
With a height of 281 meters, it is the highest tower of all Dallas. It contains 72 floors and was inaugurated in the mid 80’s when real estate market was booming. Since then, the economic and financial crisis has passed and there is no other building of this scale that was launched in downtown Dallas.

Reunion Towerreunion-tower

It is one of the most emblematic towers of the city, built in 1978. At the top of this tower there is a ball that contains a revolving bar and restaurant, the famous Five Sixty (a reference to The height of the tower, 560 feet or 171 meters). The ball itself is surrounded by a metal mesh that contains nearly 260 lamps, which helps to spot the tower at night, wherever you are in Dallas. Climb to the top for a drink in this bar while admiring a most surprising view.

Fair Park

It is a large park of more than one square kilometer that is located east of downtown Dallas. This huge space includes several museums as well as an aquarium, a music hall for the opera and a fantastic 92,000-seat stadium called the Cotton Bowl, which serves as much for football matches as for large-scale concerts. The Fair Park is not a park like the others because it also hosts the famous Texas Star Ferris Wheel which is a big wheel 65 m high (surely the tallest of all the United States) as well as the Dallas fair Which welcomes nearly 7 million visitors for 3 weeks each year.

Pioneer Plaza

The only interest of this place is simply the largest bronze statue in the world. She represents with great realism texan cowboys who drive livestock. Note that it is a park that has free parking.dallas-botanical-garden

And to conclude the list the botanical garden is simply beautiful. A little paradise of greenery and serenity amidst all this concrete, these bricks, these dry spaces that make up Dallas. Don’t forget to dress fashionably! In the botanical garden there is a museum not to be missed with various fountains and fantastic landscaped gardens. The Dallas Botanical Garden includes nearly 2,400 varieties of plants.



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